The Best Summer Days (+Nights) Outfit

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Being from the south, your girl knows a thing or two about a hot summer day! The humidity that lingers in the air and makes your skin glisten while washing your makeup away and frizzing your newly washed and straightened hair…leading to sweat stained clothes and making you wonder why you even bothered getting ready for the day. Am I right southern girls?! Haha! After moving to New England two years ago, I must admit that my dislike for summer has diminished. It could be the cooler summer temps or it could be the fact that I have absolutely fallen in love with the many shorts and tanks options from my ZYIA boutique that makes dressing for hot summer days so easy while still being fashionable and functional! This summer Connecticut has reached 90+ degree days more times than I am comfortable with but my go to summer outfit no longer has me dreading these hot days but instead, I am looking forward to being outside this summer and showing off my cute outfits!

Twist Slouch Tank

The Twist Slouch Tank looks amazing on every body type as is available in sizes XS-XXXXL! Elegance meets comfort in this graceful, slouchy tank with a twisted surprise. You'll never tire of the velvety soft feel of its fabric or the flirty design of its open back, which is perfect for showing off your adorable bra! For hot and humid workouts—or late nights on the dance floor—nothing beats the effortless feel of this highly breathable top. I love how easy it is to dress this tank up or down and for only $33.00 you need to add this to your closet!

Flow Shorts

It may not be possible to dress in clouds or whispers, but the Flow Shorts are the next best thing. Inside, a pair of soft, bike-style shorts brings the gentle, chafe-free support you need for intense training or long walks. Two hidden, low profile pockets also add concealed, secure storage. Outside, the light and breathable shell features a flattering and functional tulip-style hem that lets your legs enjoy a full range of motion. The unique hem features a bonded layer of mesh rather than a rolled hem resulting in ZYIA’s lightest short yet! These shorts are a favorite amongst curvy gals (available in sizes XS-XXXL) and I’m here for it! The White Flow Shorts are not restocking so if you want them and they are available in your size…RUN! 😊

The Twist Slouch Tank, available in black (item #916) and poppy (item #915), and the Flow Shorts, available in pink (item #752) and white (item #751), are the perfect summer outfits no matter where in the United States you live!

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